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Welcome to the Beecher Chamber of Commerce Web Site! There are many exciting things happening in Beecher, with many new subdivisions being built in our community and many great business opportunities. The Chamber of Commerce encourages the residents of our community to support local businesses; the real "backbone" of the economy. In the age of Internet sales, regional shopping malls, and large retail home improvement centers, the family-owned corner store is still the most customer-friendly, convenient way to shop.

Beecher also offers many service-oriented businesses as well, including financial services, insurance for your home and vehicles, medical and dental providers, and local contractors to meet your specific needs. Beecher Chamber of Commerce members also support many of the community programs and events which make Beecher a great place to live and raise a family. Please enjoy our web site, and we encourage you to support these local businesses and keep your dollars in the community. If you are interested in joining the Chamber or have any questions regarding our events and programs, please contact at us at 946-6803 or

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Howard Perry - President